Waste and recycling

Heftingdalen recycling station 

Agder Waste Recycling Station is a facility where residents can dispose of various types of waste, in addition to regular waste disposal at home. 

Location: Heftingsdalen, Kristian Birkelandstrase` 26, 4849 Arendal (15 km east of Arendal city center).

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Visit Agder renovasjon website (Google Translate)


Norway has a specific system for recycling. The waste is separated into bins for general waste, food waste, paper, plastic, glass/metal, etc. 
Read more about recycling at sortere.no
You will find  information about collection days at agderrenovasjon.no (Google Translate)

Deposit return scheme for bottles and cans

Norway has a deposit return system for plastic bottles and cans. When you return the bottles you get a small refund of 1 kr or 2,50 kr pr. bottle.  Deposit machines can be found in most food shops. 

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