About Arendal Municipality

Arendal, located in the beautiful Agder region of Norway, is a lively city and municipality in the picturesque area of Sørlandet. With around 46,355 people as of 2023,  Arendal is strategically placed with Grimstad to the southwest, Froland to the northwest, and Tvedestrand to the northeast.

A rich history and growing economy

The town began with shipping, forestry, and mining and has evolved into a thriving destination, mainly relying on tourism. Thanks to our great location, pleasant climate, and resources for boaters and holidaymakers,  Arendal attracts about 150,000 visitors from May to September. During this busy time, the downtown area, known as "Pollen," comes alive with colorful market stalls, fishing boats, and cultural events.

Local governance

Norway has three levels of government: the Central Government and Parliament at the national level, County Authorities at the regional level, and Municipalities at the local level.

Municipal responsibilities

Municipalities provide essential services, and Arendal Municipality oversees childcare, schools, libraries, healthcare, elderly and disabled care, fire departments, harbors, roads, water supply, sewerage and planning.

At the regional level, the 11 Counties of Norway, including Agder County, take care of services like dental care and high schools (16-18).