Transport and parking

Public transport

In Arendal, bus is the cheapest and easiest way to travel. Visit to check public transport near you. 
Check out the local buss company

On street parking

Parking is signposted, with 30 minutes of free parking available in the city center. Use a note or parking disc in the front window to indicate your arrival time. 

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Parking houses

The parking houses are open 24/7. 
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Disabled parking

There are reserved parking spaces for people with mobility problems in the streets in the city center and in the parking garages. Disabled parking is available for users with a parking permit for the disabled. 
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Pay for parking

Payment options: 

  1. Pay at the machine: Enter your license plate number in the payment machine before you leave. 
  2. APP: Register your payment card for autmatic payment via the Autopay-app. 
  3. Pay online: Pay at within 48 hours.
  4. Invoice: Leave after finished parking, and an invoice will be sent to the owner of the vehicle. This comes with an additional fee.

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Parking ticket

Follow the instructions on the parking ticket to pay.
If you would like to appeal a parking ticket, fill in the form via the link below. 

Appeal a parking ticket

Charging points

At you will find maps and an overview of the various charging stations in Norway.


Marked motorbike parking in the city center is free. The spaces are only for vehicles with two wheels, possibly with sidecar.

Motorhome parking

Read more about motorhome parking at visitsø

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