24-hour emergency phone lines

Emergency phone for roads, water, sewage, and acute pollution

You can call the emergency phone when the service centre is closed.
The service centre's opening hours are Mon-Fri: 09:00-15:00.
Emergency phone: 90 27 01 25

Snow clearance or gritting issues

Use the SiFra (SpeakUp) messaging service to report lack of snow clearance or gritting. 
Go to SiFra  (in Norwegian)

Emergency medical services

Call 113 in life-threatening emergencies.
Available 24/7. 
Tel: 116 117

The abuse center in Agder

Go to the abuse center website. (Google Translate)
Tel: 38 07 34 00

Child Welfare Emergency Services - emergency phone

Open outside of the service centre's opening hours. The service centre's opening hours are Mon-Fri: 09:00-15:00.
Tel: 37 01 31 01

Eastern Agder Crisis Centre

Visit krisesenteret.no (Google Translate)
Tel: 37 01 32 80

Children's Helpline

Tel: 116 111
24/7 free phone service
Visit the helpline's website.

Mental Health - Helpline

Tel: 116 123
Visit mentalhelse.no (Google Translate)

Need someone to talk to or chat with?

Health Norway - overview of telephone numbers and chat services

Report injured animals or roadkill

Tel: 02800
Read more about reporting injured or dead animals.

Veterinary Emergency Services Agder

Tel: 37 69 99 99
Small animal emergency services in Agder.

Dental Emergency Services

Dental Emergency Services - Agder County Council (Google Translate)