The municipality organises heath services such as the primary doctor scheme (GP), accident and emergency departments, physiotherapy, public health centers, school medical services, home nursing care, midwifery services, nursing homes or alternative accommodation. 

Emergency medical service

  • During office hours (approx. 8 am to 3 pm) emergency service is provided by your GP. 
    Read more about the GP service (Google Translate)
  • Out of office hours emergency medical service is provided at the Accident and Emergencies (Legevakten) which is located at Sørlandet Hospital. 
    Tel: 116 117
  • In case of an emergency call: 113

Primary doctor - the GP scheme (fastlege)

Helfo is in charge of the regular GP scheme. 
Read more: Helsenorge website

Arendal public health center 

The health center provides healthcare services for children 0-18 and midwifery services during pregnancies. They also offer school health services and a specialized health center for teenagers.  

Adress: Amfi Arendal, 3rd floor.
Go to the health centre website. 

The school health service

All schools have a school health service with a public health nurse. 
Read more about the school health service 

Dental health care

Agder County Municipality provides free dental service up to the age of 18, and to individuals with special needs. 
Read more about dental health. (Google Translate)

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