Culture and leisure

Arendal is located on the south of Norway, with a long and active coastline. Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor activities, Arendal has a long list of entertainment options for both young and old. This list contains some popular options. 

Enjoy the outdoors

You can find day trips, swimming spots, cabins and more. 
Check out our map of hiking trails close to Eyde Material park. (in Norwegian)
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Arendal library

Arendal library is not just a place to sit in peace and read a book, work or be social. The library hosts regular events and workshops, public meeting and conference rooms, digital resources such as computers and other tools, as well as knowledgeable librarians. 
Visit Arendal library website (Google Translate)


Kulturkammeret is a house full of life and creativity! Here you will find Arendal Culture School where you can learn to play instruments, sing, play in a band and create visual art. Ung Kultur (young culture) is behind the youth club and junior club in Smia. Here you can also rent premises for meetings, school work or events.
Visit kulturkammeret website (Google Translate)

Kulturskolen: music, visual arts and drama for children 

Kulturskolen offers activities in music, visual arts and drama for children. A highly educated and professional staff welcomes students to study the arts at any chosen level.
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SØR amfi

SØR amfi is a sports facility with halls for classic sports, gymnastics, and tennis. Outside the Amfi, there are skateparks, volleyball courts, a football field and outdoor tennis courts. 
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Indoo swimmung hall

Stinta Swimming pool is Arendals only public swimming pool, with a 25 m pool and a sauna. 
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Ice skating

The ice skating rink is open during the winter-season, and is located by Sam Eyde upper secondary school at Myra.
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Looking for more?

Do you want to know more about culture and leasure in Arendal municipality?
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