Leisure card

What is leisure card?

This is an offer for those between 6 and 18 years of age. You get up to 1000 NOK twice a year that you can spend on one or more leisure activities. The leisure card is personal. The goal of the leisure card is to contribute to increased participation and inclusion.

What does the leisure card cover?

It covers the fee for one or more activities up to 1000 NOK pr. children. If you have paid for an entire calendar year, enter the amount you paid when you apply. Training fee, player license etc. are included in the scheme. The leisure card covers organized everyday activities that take place at least 10 times during a six month period.

The leisure card does not cover holiday offers, camps or tournaments. The card cannot be used for cinema, bowling or other self-organized activities. Sports equipment, instruments etc. are not covered by the leisure card.

If you have used your leisure card, you have to wait until the next six months to apply again.

Who can get a leisure card?

Children and youth with residential address in Arendal aged 6 - 18 years. Siblings receive one leisure card each. The leisure card belongs to each individual child and the money that is not used cannotbe transferred to other siblings. The leisure card is valid from the calendar year you turn 6 years up to the calendar year you turn 18 years.

This is how you apply

Children 6 - 16 years: One of the child's guardians is seeking on behalf of the child.
Youth 16 - 18 years: You can apply yourself can apply yourself or a parent can apply on your behalf.

You will need the account number, the child's name and date of birth to apply for a refund.

Apply for a refund

If you need help filling out the application, you can ask at the school, at the leisure activity or visit the service center at the town hall.

Refund in 2019

In 2019 we will reimburse activities already paid. Unused leisure cards in 2019 cannot be transferred to 2020.

Leisure card 2020

We are working on a new application system for 2020, where the money will go directly through the associations. For now, you can only apply for a refund for 2019. We post information on how we do this in 2020 as soon as we know more.

Payment Dates

Everyone who applies for leisure cards by 25.10 will be paid 11.11.
Those who apply between 26.10 and 13.12 will be paid 20.12.

What will happen with the leisure card in 2020?

The leisure card is a pilot project that provides support for children and young people in 2019 and 2020. We work with  associations to create a technical solution that allows you to choose  an activity online and the money will go through the associations from 2020.