Coronavirus/ koronavirusas/ Korona wirus/fayruuska Corona/فيروس كورونا/

National measures and restrictions

Overview of rules and recommendations

The new measures do not replace stricter local measures. In other words, the strictest measures apply, whether they are national or local.

The Norwegian Government is continuing to reopen society.

COVID-19 certificate

The COVID-19 certificate gives you an overview of the COVID-19 vaccinations which have been registered for you in the Norwegian Immunisation Register (SYSVAK), and of the COVID-19 tests you have had. The overview shows the most recent negative COVID-19 test registered for you in the past seven days.

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National helpline

Corona vaccine/ koronarinė vakcina/szczepionka wieńcowa/tallaalka wadnaha/لقاح الشريان التاجي

You can now dropin at the office outsuide the Culturehouse in town. Follow the signs. 
Opening hours.

The Corona vaccine is free.

Read more Coronavirus immunisation programme - Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Coronavirus vaccine for adolescents 12-15 years.

Travel to Norway/حول الزيارة إلى النرويج_العربية/Przyjazd do Norwegiii/Ku saabsan soo gelista Norway /ብዛዕባ ንኖርወይ ምእታው ዝምልከት 

Updated information from the Government.

Quarantine and home isolation

On the Norwegian Institute of Public Health website you will find information about home quarantine and home isolation in several languages: engelsk, arabisk, dari, farsi, fransk, italiensk, kurmanji, litauisk, pashto, polsk, punjabi, russisk, somali, samisk (nord- og sørsamisk), sorani, spansk, tegalog, thai, tigrinja, tyrkisk, tysk, urdu og vietnamesisk. 

Quarantine on arrival in Norway 
Anyone arriving in Norway must stay at a quarantine hotel during the quarantine period. Information about quarantine hotels is distributed by the police at border crossings and other arrival points in Norway.
Information in several languages to travellers arriving in Norway.

Contact tracing

If you have become infected with the coronavirus, we must determine who you have been in contact with over the past few days. This is to prevent others from becoming infected.

We will contact everyone you have met or with whom you been in close contact. They will not be told who may have infected them. Those who are contacted must quarantine for 10 days from the date they met the infected person. They must also take a coronatest.

Free corona test

Should I get tested? Take the Coronavirus Self-Checker on

Book a test

Book an appointment online 
Login: MinID eller BankID. I need help to login.

Call the test phone

91 34 89 71 
Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 08:00 - 10:00 and 13:00 - 15:00.

The test is free of charge. We only test if you have the coronavirus, we do not take antibody tests. The test is a nose and throat test.

Testing is done at Moland park Longum, Hans Thornesvei 68. Remember that you must book an appointment, you can not arrive without an appointment.

Smittestopp app 

Smittestopp is an app from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health ("Folkehelsesinstituttet (FHI)" in Norwegian). The app is intended to help prevent coronavirus from spreading among the population and is completely voluntary to use. You must be 16 or older to use the app. Read more and download the app.
ما هو Smittestopp ؟
Czym jest Smittestopp?
Kas yra Smittestopp?
Kas ir Smittestopp?
Waa maxay er Smittestopp?

Schools and nurseries

Information from the department of education to parents with nursery children and school children in urdu, somali and russian is available on these pages.

Udir - kindergarden/nurseries
کورونا - معلومات لآلباء حول الحياة اليومية لروضة األطفال
Korona – informacje dla rodziców na temat codziennych zajęć w przedszkolach
Korona - warbixin waalidka ku socoto kuna saabsan maalinta xannaanada carruurta

Udir - schools 
کورونا - معلومات لآلباء حول الحياة اليومية للمدرسة
Korona – informacje dla rodziców na temat codziennych zajęć w szkołach
Korona – warbixin waalidka ku socoto kuna saabsan maalindugsiyeedka

Resources and websites