Coronavirus/ koronavirusas/ Korona wirus/fayruuska Corona/فيروس كورونا/

National advice

National advice - Norwergian Heath Services.

COVID-19 certificate

The COVID-19 certificate gives you an overview of the COVID-19 vaccinations which have been registered for you in the Norwegian Immunisation Register (SYSVAK), and of the COVID-19 tests you have had. The overview shows the most recent negative COVID-19 test registered for you in the past seven days.

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Corona vaccine/ koronarinė vakcina/szczepionka wieńcowa/tallaalka wadnaha/لقاح الشريان التاجي

Our vaccination office is located at Maxis shopping centre, Vesterveien 44, 4839 Arendal. The Corona vaccine is free.

Book an appointment

If you are due dose 3 (booster) you can book an appointment. You should receive an SMS when you have the correct dose interval. Then you can book an appointment on


The following groups can use drop-in: 

  • Dose 1 - over 18 years old
  • Dose 2 - over 18 years old
  • Dose 3 - over 18 years old
  • Dose 1 and 2  - children over 12

Drop-in opening hours.

Interval between vaccines

Dose 2 - at least 4 weeks / 28 days since dose 1.
Dose 3 - at least 20 weeks since dose 2.

Read more

Coronavirus vaccines - information in different languages - Norwegian Institute of Public Health
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Coronavirus vaccine for adolescents 12-15 years.

Corona testing 

If you need a PCR-test from May 1st you can book an appointment with your local GP. 

PCR test no longer required for people with three vaccine doses -
Testing for the coronavirus -

How to get collect a rapid lateral flow test

Anyone can get free rapid lateral flow tests. We have a self-service collection of rapid lateral flow tests in Arendal town hall. You can pick up a test during the servicecenter opening hours on weekdays from 09:00-15: 30 (15:00 from 10 May).

Travel to Norway/حول الزيارة إلى النرويج_العربية/Przyjazd do Norwegiii/Ku saabsan soo gelista Norway /ብዛዕባ ንኖርወይ ምእታው ዝምልከት 

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