Street, transport and parking

On street parking

Parking is signposted. There is free parking for 30 minutes in the city center. Place a note or a parking disk in the front window that shows when you arrived at the parking space.

Electric cars and hydrogen cars (not rechargeable hybrid cars) park free of charge at publicly charged parking spaces with max. parking time 1 and 2 hours (3 hours by the hospital). 

Parking houses

The parking houses are open 24 hours a day.

  • Torvet p-house, driveway at the railway station, approx. 460 places
  • Pollen p-house, driveway at the intersection Kystveien / Skytebaneveien, approx. 750 places
  • P-house Vest (Alti Arendal), driveway at Vestre gate 11, by Vesterveien 4 and Myreneveien 6, approx. 750 places
  • Tyholmen p-house, driveway at Kittelsbukt, 240 places

Max. height is 2.1 m (P-house West 2.2 m). Torvet p-house has five places for cars higher than 2.1 m.

Pay for parking

When parking in P-houses you have four payments options: 

  1. Pay at the payment machine. Enter your license plate number and pay for the time you have parked 
  2. Register your payment card at for autmatic payment. You can also start the registration at the payment machine. 
  3. Pay at within 48 hours 
  4. Drive off without doing anything. The owner of the vehicle will receive an invoice with an additional fee

When parking in the streets you can pay with coins in payment machines. Some of the payment machines also take credit cards.

You may also pay for both street parking and parking in P-houses by using Easypark (15% supplement in the price).

Parking ticket

Appeal a parking ticket

Charging points

At you will find maps and an overview of the various charging stations in Norway.

Disabled parking

There are reserved parking spaces for people with mobility problems in the streets in the city center and in the parking lots.


Motorbike parking in the city center is free. The spaces are marked with signs. The seats are only for vehicles with two wheels, possibly with sidecar.

Motorhome parking

Motor homes can park on Parkveien 3. Nidelv camping are set up for campers.

Bus parking

Coaches can park in Friergangen directly opposite Arendal Kino. On weekdays the parking time is limited to max. 2 hours between 08:00 am and 08:00 pm.

Kontakt oss

Parking office
Phone: +47 37 01 37 29
(only during opening hours)

Opening hours

Mon - fri: 08:00-15:00