All kinderkartens in Arendal

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How to apply

The municipality has joint coordinated admissions for all kindergartens in the municipality, both municipal and private.

You apply online and must register an application for each child. You must choose at least 3 alternative kindergartens, and can apply for up to five. 

You can apply for a place all year round, but March 1 is the application deadline for the main admission, which applies to places from August. You will receive a confirmation email when your application is received.

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Prices and payment

Maximum price for kindergarten

There is a maximum price for a kindergarten place.  Food is an additional cost. 
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Low income families and families with several children attending kindergarten

If you have several children attending kindergarten, the price is automatically reduced by 30 percent for the second child and 50 percent for the third child.

Low income families can apply for a reduced price.
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